Is DT Heart & Soul For Me?

16 Apr 2018

Is DT Heart & Soul For Me?

Are you considering DT Heart & Soul, wondering if you are in the right place?

Some questions to ask yourself before signing up:

Do I have good advisors in my life?

DT Heart & Soul depends on close relationships and lots of advice. Are you close to several people in your ministry? Do you have solid friendships with ministry leaders you respect, whose guidance you trust? Do you make it a habit to seek advice from qualified advisors–people of proven wisdom, who know God well and know you well–about matters of the heart? If the answer is “No” to any of these questions, then DTHS may not be for you, or at the very least you have some work to do first.

Am I happy as a single Christian?

Some brothers and sisters have used DT Heart & Soul as a last resort, putting it as a fleece before God: “If it is God’s will for me to be married, I will meet someone in X days/weeks/months; otherwise, it’s his will for me to remain single forever”. This approach is not commended in the Bible as a prescription for seeking guidance. Rather, God’s response to Gideon’s fleece was a concession to Gideon’s weak faith. Jesus wants us to ask, but in the meantime his grace is sufficient.

The New Testament presents both singles and marrieds as equally fulfilled and at peace in their respective situations. DT Heart & Soul is indeed for seekers of marital partnership, but desperation should be taken to God, not to DT Heart & Soul.

Am I willing to be patient with the process?

Some Christians meet on DT Heart & Soul and marry right away. Others stay on for years and then meet their life love. Still others renew periodically, which has also worked well; people are joining every day. Remember, it only takes one.

Am I willing to be patient with the platform?

DT Heart & Soul is an online service and a labor of love, run by a handful of volunteer and part-time brothers and sisters with day jobs and busy lives. As such, it is not necessarily running on cutting-edge technology. You may experience some delay and confusion as we roll out new features, fix things, and respond to your communication. Or perhaps you are not comfortable with using computers, the web, or web applications in general. Either way, using DT Heart & Soul will at times call for patience, perseverance, and grace. Know that we are doing our best for your sake and relying on our God for guidance!

Am I open to the possibility of travel?

God has made DT Heart & Soul a truly international ministry. The average distance between couples who have met and later married is more than 3,300 miles! Recognizing that other tools exist for making local connections, DT Heart & Soul is designed to connect you with singles from outside your local ministry, making it possible or even likely you may hear the call to travel, perhaps to somewhere you’ve never been!

Sounds good, sign me up!