DTHS Assistant Director Role

19 Jun 2024

DTHS Assistant Director Role

Are you looking for a chance to exercise and grow your professional skills to make a global impact in our fellowship?

DT Heart & Soul–A singles matching service provided by DisciplesToday–seeks an established career professional with technical and leadership expertise who is motivated and qualified to grow into the role of DT Heart & Soul Director.

The role of DTHS Director is a volunteer, multi-year, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bless single Christians worldwide with your technical and leadership talents. You will spend 5 to 10 hours per week to grow relationships with church leaders and singles globally, building a ministry that bears the fruit of godly marriages and families, now and for generations to come.

Your journey begins with the role of Assistant DTHS Director. You will spend 5 to 10 hours per week in a mentored relationship with the current DTHS Director (which is also a volunteer role), for the duration necessary to learn directorship of DT Heart & Soul, the goal being for you to step into the role of DTHS Director at the appropriate time. It is anticipated that this transition process will be accomplished over a multi-year timeframe.

DT Heart & Soul Assistant Director - Role Description

Following are the hats the existing volunteer DTHS Director wears. An up-and-coming Assistant Director does not necessarily need to directly perform all of these functions. For instance, building a cohesive team of capable volunteers who together possess the needed skills is a viable approach to covering these bases. Even so, an aspiring volunteer Director should expect to eventually wear a sizable subset of these hats.

Strategic Direction

Guide DTHS personnel, finances, marketing, technical development, and membership culture, in accordance with and in fulfillment of DT Heart & Soul's and DisciplesToday's mission, vision, and values.

IT Project Management

Conceive and drive technical projects in support of the DTHS Service; perform technology research, architectural design, testing and rollout.

Operations Management

Keep the Service operational, performant, and secure. Deploy new versions of DTHS, update server software, maintain TLS certificates and hosting accounts, and perform other platform services administration.

Manage access to third-party accounts critical to DTHS: SendGrid, Mailchimp, Stripe, Linode, Braintree, etc.

Financial Oversight

Ensure that DTHS remains financially healthy and responsible in its budgeting, operations, contracts, membership subscription approaches, and other activities involving usage of funds.

Report to the DisciplesToday Board

Update the DisciplesToday Board on the status of DT Heart & Soul. This may involve membership on the DisciplesToday board, including participation in quarterly board meetings.

Vendor Management

Establish and/or maintain working relationships with contractors and vendors. Author and execute consulting contracts. Approve contractor invoices for payment.

Marketing Project Management

Work with marketing personnel to set direction, prioritize and coordinate planning and development of marketing campaigns. Run weekly status meetings. Review marketing copy.

User Support

Respond to and resolve member questions, suggestions and issues with the Service.

Human Resources

Develop marketing and technical talent; recruit, onboard, and offboard personnel (volunteer and paid); prepare job descriptions;

Technical Architect and Team Lead

Research and choose appropriate technologies; guide integration with existing technology. Choose technology with features necessary to stay viable, such as payment gateway compliance.

Coordinate design, assign tasks/projects, review deliverables, and integrate development teammates’ work into the production services.

Implement features to support administration, marketing, finance, administration, and user-interface. Steer the look and feel of the Service.

Technical Editor; Historian

Create and maintain technical content describing the behavior of the Service, the online culture desired for DTHS members, etc. Maintain “institutional knowledge” on Github.com.

Event Planning

Organize and oversee DTHS presence at conferences and other events involving singles–e.g., speed dating, DTHS booth, sponsorships, etc. (The Marketing Director is responsible for directly managing DTHS’s presence at an event).

Public Speaking

Speak to singles, singles leaders and other groups about DTHS as the opportunity arises.


The successful Assistant Director candidate must be a spiritually mature Christian in our fellowship with a deep passion for the singles ministry, who is commended by leaders in your local congregation as blameless and above reproach, as well as capable of taking on this level of responsibility. (But also know that youth is not a liability!)

Proven leadership and experience in software/technical fields is required. A partial list of technologies currently in play: Kubernetes, Docker, React, Dart/Flutter, JSX, Redux, React-Native deployed to iOS and Android, Firebase, Cloud Functions for Firebase, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Hugo static site generation, Github/Github Actions, a Linux/bash environment. You do not need to know all or even most of these, but significant professional experience in a software technical field is necessary.

The successful candidate will commit 5 to 10 hours per week to growing into the role of Director: learn the existing system, collaborate on platform enhancement and maintenance, participate in weekly status meetings, deliver occasional end-user support, and so on.

The Director will partner with you to teach you everything you need to know.

This is a remote role. Most interactions will be over Zoom.

If interested in learning more, please reach out to feedback@dtheartandsoul.com. It would be helpful to include some or all of these items at the same time:

  • Your resumé
  • An essay articulating your passion for serving in this capacity
  • A ministry leader character reference from your local congregation
  • Links and/or descriptions to previous technical project work and leadership
  • Professional references who have worked with you