Steve and Eileen Hewitt

Steve and Eileen Hewitt - Married July 2014

“We are not sure how everything is going to work out. But I say: Watch this space. In fact, I think I said that on my profile and I believe it with all my heart.”

These are the words that I said in my previous testimonial when Steve and I had just started dating. Wow! I can hardly believe how much God has blessed us and faithfully rewarded our faith.

Both Steve and I were committed from the beginning to put all our plans before God. We prayed continuously that if we were not to be, that God would make it clear. We really were committed to accept whatever His decision was. Both Steve and I have been hurt in previous relationships and we were determined to do things God’s way this time around. When Steve left South Africa in October of 2013, we honestly did not dream that things would have worked out as miraculously as they did. We certainly would never have imagined that five months later he would be back in South Africa on a One Year Challenge to serve the church in Port Elizabeth, and that we would be married! Whenever we start to feel a little faithless about how things are going to work out for us when we return to America next year, and how we will find jobs etc., we remind ourselves of what God has already done for us.

So, Steve landed back in South Africa on the March 5, 2014, we were engaged on April 4 and married on July 4, 2014. We had the most memorable and special wedding day with our spiritual family, and once again God blessed us with amazing weather for a winter’s day. We were able to go to Paris and London for our honeymoon, and after that we spent a few days with Steve’s family in the UK so that I could meet them.

We are so grateful to God and honestly do give all the glory to Him, totally understanding that this all came about not by our efforts, but by His divine providence. We are super excited to see what plans God has in store for us in order that we can serve Him.

Steve and Eileen’s Dating Story, published in 2013

My name is Eileen, and I am part of a fellowship in the town of Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. A sister in our fellowship spoke to me about the DT Heart & Soul website that she had joined. I thought it sounded quite exciting but at the time was not really emotionally ready to connect with brothers, even on a friendship level. I had been married for 23 years and was just getting over the devastation of a divorce that took place in 2010.

Like all of us, I have a story to tell, a story of hurt, disappointment and shattered dreams. But God is faithful as He always is and when we are righteous He will bless us. Initially, I begged God to restore the broken covenant of marriage that had taken place. But as my husband had not been a Christian, I knew it would entail him reconciling to God before I could marry him again, something he was not willing to do. Truth be told, my ex-husband did not even try to reconcile with me which was very painful. However, somewhere in 2011, I remember distinctly telling my sisters and even some work colleagues that God was going to do something amazing in my life. I just knew it. So that God would get the glory, I stepped out in faith and spoke to many people, telling them to watch what was going to take place in my life.

Towards the end of 2012, another sister in Christ asked me to join DT Heart & Soul with her so that we could do it together. By December 2012 I had completed my profile, and the compatibility questionnaire was so interesting and right on target. The money is definitely worth it if even for the assessment questionnaire that you get to complete.

I sent some friend requests to brothers and some I just emailed to encourage, especially those who had also been through a divorce. When the holiday period was over I was sharing with my soul mate sister in Christ and showing her some of the friendships I had made. She encouraged me to send a message to some other brothers as well. So while I was on the site, I refreshed my matches and saw a new brother was included. I sent a message and was pleasantly surprised to get a message back from this brother the next day! The rest is history as they say.

I had been very specific in my profile saying that should I be blessed to have another man in my life, it would have to be someone with whom I am able to share my quiet times. I love reading my Bible and like to dig really deep. Steve Hewitt was the brother who I messaged. He is a disciple in the San Diego Church of Christ. I know, I know, could I not have chosen someone closer? San Diego really is on the other side of the world from me!

Anyways, Steve said that he was intrigued with the questions that I asked him around my quiet times and I was amazed that he could keep up with me. I have a habit of sending really long quiet times to some of the special people in my life and I was hungry to have someone with whom I could share what I was learning. Steve used some of my questions in his Bible talk and came back with some great insight from the brothers and sisters in that Bible talk. I was impressed! After a few communications Steve asked if he could telephone me.

I was so shy! Remember I had been married to one man for 23 years and I was so out of talking to other men that might be interested in me. We also had to get used to each other’s accents. He asked me to pray with him during that first conversation and I was so wowed! This is what I was so desperately yearning for. As our friendship deepened and I saw how spiritual Steve was, I felt like God was answering so many of my specific prayers.

After a couple of weeks of communicating, Steve and I had a conference call with my discipler and her husband who leads our church. We sought advice and input and they suggested that Steve come and meet me in South Africa. So Steve spent some months saving and planning for a visit. In October 2013, 10 months after many telephone conversations and skype video calls, we got to meet in flesh. Steve came to visit for two weeks and once again we were witness to God’s amazing favour and love. He blessed every day of the visit. Steve was able to meet my son and for a week we did many activities together. While Steve was here he asked me to date and of course I said yes!!! We are not sure how everything is going to work out. But I say: Watch this space. In fact, I think I said that on my profile and I believe it with all my heart.

Our God is an awesome God who hears our prayers. Not everyone who joins DT Heart & Soul is going to walk away with a success story that ends in a romance, but I would encourage brothers and sisters who have the opportunity to do so, to join. You will at the very least have the opportunity of being encouraged when you communicate with brothers or sisters in other countries and realise that we live under the same standard of a great God. It is super encouraging.

God knows the plans that He has for each and every one of us and sometimes it will take the exceptional to bring two people together. I have NO doubt at all that God heard the prayers that Steve and I offered up to Him. These prayers were filled our own story of hurt and the desires of our hearts, and He knew we would be good together. Faith is absolutely necessary, but God also needs us to use the means we have available and to step out in faith.

I hope that as you read this testimony you will be encouraged to join even if you like me don’t really like the stigma attached to internet dating. DT Heart & Soul is a tool of our fellowship of believers and a tool is only as good as it is made use of. So sisters, invite the single brothers in your churches to join; there is a great need for more brothers on DTHS.

And to God be the Glory!