Stephen Miller and Neringa T

Stephen Miller and Neringa T - Married August 2015

God used DT Heart & Soul to let Stephen and Neringa reach across the globe and fall in love, when they might not otherwise have met.

Living on separate continents and thousands of miles apart, neither had any idea that they had been on strikingly similar journeys. Stephen in California, and Neringa in the Republic of Lithuania, had no way of knowing how similar their experiences had been leading up to their meeting in November 2014. Both had been disciples for over 15 years and each longed for that perfect match but never seemed to find the right one. Both had attended many singles conferences over the years but never seemed to make that connection. In fact, although they had each come close, neither one had gone so far as to have a dating relationship in the church.

In 2014, they both joined DT Heart and Soul, never imagining that a dating website could lead to their match. After several months on the website and with their memberships coming to an end, both had independently come to the same conclusion – DT Heart and Soul might work for some people, but not for them.

In fact, they had each decided that when their memberships expired in November 2014 that they would make that their “final” month on the site.

And then it happened. Stephen saw Neringa’s profile and sent her a message asking why she would list a man’s book, Wild at Heart by John Eldredge, as one of her favorites? She replied that it wasn’t just a book for men but that as a woman she enjoyed it too. The rest, as they say, is history and a resulting love story that only God could put together so quickly.

After several emails, they decided on a first date via Skype in December 2014. By February, Neringa made the journey from Lithuania to California where Stephen asked her to be his girlfriend along the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean. In April, Stephen flew to Lithuania and proposed along a romantic bridge over the river Neris. Neringa said yes and by June, she was back in California with Stephen planning their wedding.

On August 29, 2015 they were married in Sacramento before hundreds of family and friends. They honeymooned in Lithuania where they had a reception with the Vilnius church along with Neringa’s family and friends. Today they happily live in Sacramento where they co-lead the Edge ministry for the Sacramento Metro Church of Christ.