Stephen Berger and Joyce Reyes

Stephen Berger and Joyce Reyes - Married June 2014

Steve: I have always said, “one day can make such a difference in our lives.” My fiancée and I are writing this letter to encourage brothers and sisters all around the world that have the desire to marry to take a risk and utilize this invaluable resource called DT Heart & Soul.

We believe that we need to feel that we are all part of a singles ministry not just in our own local church, but that we are one big worldwide singles ministry.

The early foundation of our love story began in September of 2012, at about the time when both Joyce Reyes and I, Steve Berger, had taken a risk and signed up for DTHS. This was Joyce’s first time signing up for DTHS and my second go around. Joyce has been a disciple in the singles ministry in the church in Manila/Quezon City, Philippines for 22 years and I have been a disciple for 20 years and am currently in the Orange County singles ministry in Southern California.

When I say we “took a risk,” it was just that. Joyce had given up on the idea of marriage after never having been in a dating relationship before in the church after 22 years of remaining faithful to God. It was also way out of her comfort zone and certainly not her personality to do this “Internet” dating thing. For me, I had gone through a painful divorce in 2009 after 13 years of marriage and three kids, left with feelings of inadequacy that I could find true love, and that I was incapable of loving somebody. The interesting part about Joyce signing up for DTHS was that she never actually signed up for DTHS. As faith would have it, it was her close and faithful friend Rona who took the initiative and actually signed Joyce up on DTHS (and then billed her for it later!)

In October of 2012 I first saw Joyce as a possible match on DTHS; but since she lived in the Philippines I thought, “No way… Manila is just too far away to have a love interest.” After seeing her photo up there for several months, in January of 2013, I finally gave it a shot and emailed her. That introductory email led to a Skype session, then to regular Facebook messaging, and then in May of 2013 I made the decision to take the trip to the Philippines and visit Joyce. It was on the last day of the trip that I had asked Joyce to be my girlfriend, on a dinner cruise in Manila Bay. I sang her a Beatles love song with the one-man band, and then recited a poem I had written her titled, “The Girl from the Philippines” (pretty original, huh?).

When I returned from the trip, I immediately booked my next plane reservation to visit again in August of 2013. It was after that trip that I knew in my heart that Joyce was the one with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I went back a third time in October of 2013 and asked Joyce to marry me, and she accepted. The irony of meeting Joyce is that she has never been to the United States, yet her parents and most all of her mother’s side of the family live only eight miles away from me here in Southern California. I have had the privilege of getting to know them and am so excited to be marrying into their amazing family.

As I said earlier, it’s always the difference a day can make, or should I say, the difference one introductory email can make. Joyce and I are very much in love, and I can now say I would have gladly gone to the moon to find her. We both feel and act like we are in high school again. Who would’ve ever thought that the “sister of my dreams” would be living on some remote, faraway island in the middle of the South Pacific? Joyce will be moving to the United States as soon as possible. Please pray for the visa process to go through smoothly and quickly. Thank you God, DTHS, and definitely Rona for this great blessing of being able to find and marry my new best friend Joyce.

Watch their wedding video here!

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