Sergey Zinkin and Marina Murygina

Sergey Zinkin and Marina Murygina - Married June 2016

We are so happy to tell you that we have a bride and a groom in Ufa! Sergey (Novosibirsk) and Marina (Ufa) married on June 11, 2016. Watch their wedding video here!

Here you can read about their love story to see how they have began dating.

In 2014 we finished the Russian translation for DT Heart & Soul. This site has helped over 20 couples across the world find each other and start families. And now the time has come to harvest fruit in the Russian-speaking countries.

Marina: The first time we met was at one of the conferences in the Urals. I can’t say that this meeting left a big impression on me — quite the opposite, even. We met, went on a date, and forgot about each other. Then, after a few years, we crossed paths again in Altai, at the summer camp for Novosibirsk disciples. From that time, we started writing back and forth. Thanks to the Internet, there are no barriers to distance, and we had a great opportunity to get to know each other better.

In December, the Russian version of DT Heart and Soul opened, and I registered. At the time, I didn’t really hope that the site would help me find a close, dear man. God, obviously, had different plans. In Sergey’s words, he saw that we had a high percentage of compatibility, and that helped him decide to date me. And, four months in, we are learning to love and understand each other the way the Lord intended. I am very glad that, in a series of simple coincidences, I was truly able to see God’s plan in my life.

Sergey: As has already been said and written many times, our expectations about relationships with the opposite sex can be very different from what God has planned for each of us. In 2014 I was in a bit of an unfaithful place: I wanted to have a girlfriend, but really had no idea who to date or how to choose her. Until then, the main factor in my choice of who to build a relationship with was based on feelings. If I fell in love, naturally, I started building a relationship with that sister. But that didn’t really help me, and at this moment, I was starting to lose heart. I felt like God didn’t love me, since I didn’t have a girlfriend.

At the beginning of December 2014, I was invited to test the Russian version of DT Heart & Soul, which they had only just translated. I had long wanted to try it, because I have a mathematical-analytical mindset. All the tests and quantitative approach to evaluating compatibility piqued my curiosity.

In that December a conversation with my discipler took place. He challenged me to trust God and his love for me. Even if I never had a girlfriend, it would not be a sign that God does not love me. God showed me his limitless love for me through his sacrifice of Christ, and there is no greater proof than that. I repented and decided to trust in God’s love for me, regardless of circumstance.

I was to test the site for two months, and I began to pray that, within that time, God would show me who to choose, if it was his will.

On the site, I met different, wonderful sisters, and saw different cities and old acquaintances. Besides DTHS, I would talk with people through social networks and Skype, and in real life, of course. And then, literally a week before my subscription to DTHS finished, Marina registered. I had already been talking with her on Skype for over a year, and that friendship inspired and encouraged me. I liked to talk with her, but I didn’t have any feelings toward her at the time.

And then, on DTHS, it appeared that we had a very high percentage of compatibility. Having gotten advice from my discipler, I decided to travel to Ufa and ask her to be my girlfriend. And that day just so happened to be February 14th.

After we started dating, we began to talk even more, trying to get to know each other better. Thanks to smartphones, Skype, and many other messaging apps, we were able to keep in touch and share in each others’ joys and worries just about every day.

We got advice that we should decide on someone to move, so that we could build our relationship with each other closer, and not long-distance. We got advice, talked with different married couples, fasted, and prayed. I decided to move to Ufa to be closer to Marina.

I don’t know what awaits us, but I firmly believe that God gives me the amazing possibility to be close to his faithful daughter, and also strengthens me and her in our trust in him.

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