Segun Ajisafe and Waliah Abdulrazaq

Segun Ajisafe and Waliah Abdulrazaq- Married October 2016

Segun: The rumor is true!! We met online! I joined the International Church of Christ in early 2015. I then realized I had become a part of a global family without walls. Every member became my brother or sister, and that was for real!

I went on many dates, and also organized group dates with other singles in the church. It was during one of our group dates that I heard about DT Heart & Soul.

I didn’t hesitate to subscribe and filled out a 5-hour long questionnaire that asked details about my personality and temperament including habits and expectations. I was excited to see so many single disciples from various countries who were friendly and also had a similar heart for God. I had great conversations with many people from South Africa, Zambia, and the US. On this faithful day, I met a beautiful girl that looked Indian and had a Muslim name. Our compatibility match was over 85%, and we had so much in common. As a Muslim convert myself, I was interested in meeting a disciple I was attracted to.

I sent her a brief message; she replied six weeks later, ouch! “Hey bro, sorry for the late reply…” The first few days after her response, she was polite and engaging; then she disappeared again. She had not responded to my messages for days. I was always refreshing my messages on DTHS to see if she had replied but then I figured her account was inactive. After another few weeks, I decided to send another message to check if everything was ok with her and that I would be glad to hear from her. Within a few hours, I got a reply “Hi Segun. I’m a little busy right now, and I’m rarely on this site.” I quickly sent her my phone number and asked her to add me on WhatsApp. That was the last time I visited DTHS.

Because she was quite busy with school work, she didn’t have much time for lengthy discussions; her questions were very direct, and she was sincere to a fault. I began to pay attention to her personal details. To my surprise, she was not Indian, she was the most beautiful Nigerian girl I had ever met in my life. I became more comfortable with her, and our communication became much easier. We graduated from texting to phone calls and then finally to FaceTime. I was so eager to visit her in person, but the US embassy would not let me. They denied my visiting visa application twice; Waliah decided to visit me instead, and that was the beginning of our love story.

The Proposal

Waliah: It was a beautiful sunny day, and Segun decided to take me to the golf course for the third time. We had previously been to both Ikoyi and Lakowe golf course in Lagos which was exciting, and I was looking forward to checking out another golf course in a new city (IBB golf course Abuja). I had no idea what he had planned. We started our practice play, walking from one hole to the next. By the 4th hole, I was uber exhausted, and I wished they had golf carts. All I could think about was how I would survive walking the next eight holes. When we got to the sixth hole, I was already a dead woman walking and was ready to quit and go home. The heat was exhausting. Segun persuaded me to putt the 6th hole and promised to take me back home afterward. I finally putted the ball and of course I picked up a ball and a small box. I felt a rush of a new energy and went from exhausted to excited. With a big smile on my face, I looked up and saw a few of his friends with cameras. I stood up, turned around, and he was on one knee. Of course, I said yes!

I am so in love with this amazing man and can’t wait to grow old with him. In a few months from now, I’ll be spending forever with my best friend and the love of my life.