Ron Corbett and Lany Juan

Ron Corbett and Lany Juan - Married March 2016

Editor’s note: Ronald Joseph Corbett of St. Paul, Minnesota, passed away suddenly 20th April 2022 at the age of 63, surrounded by his family.

Ron: God is moving in the heart of the sisters in Dubai! The Dubai church is a very international church, with members from dozens of countries around the world. Dubai as a country is a hub. Single professionals move here to look for a great career. The economy is booming, so it is not surprising that the church has a vibrant singles’ ministry. Seeing several couples form through DT Heart and Soul has given the singles’ ministry faith that relationships can happen, even if that soul mate is found somewhere across the world.

Lany Juan and I (Ron Corbett) are the third part in a 2014 DTHS Dubai “Love Connection”:

  • Jay (Toronto) & Hazel (Dubai) Married in Dubai, May 2014
  • Jim (Connecticut) & Kate (Dubai) Engaged in Dubai, September 2014
  • Ron (Minnesota) & Lany (Dubai) Married in Minnesota, March 2016
  • And now Tyler (Washington) & Julie (Dubai) engaged in Dubai, October 2015!

Ours is a story of:

  • Faith in a loving father God who listens to the prayers of his children
  • Breaking through our fears and reaching out faithfully through obstacles of distance, culture, money and our past
  • Choosing to seek God’s will in our lives no matter what the cost or result

I could not believe my eyes when I first saw Lany’s DTHS profile picture! As I gazed at her picture, I tried to figure everything out about who she was from the look in her eyes. I knew then that I wanted her to be God’s answer to my prayer, and God willing, I decided I would do whatever it took to find out. Money, distance or even language would not be obstacles. She was 40 years old!

My prayer to God one month before joining DTHS:

  • A spouse who loves God more than me.
  • Someone with a self-discipline tending towards health & long life — I was 54 years old.
  • Respectful.
  • 40 years old.

Lany’s prayer before joining DTHS:

  • A spouse who loves God more than me.
  • Someone able to teach & lead me in the Lord, and who would walk with me by my side in Christ.
  • Someone who would pursue me.
  • Someone older than I.

Early November, 2013 – I requested Lany’s friendship on DTHS — no response.

Mid-November, 2013 – I again requested Lany’s friendship — no response.

November 28, 2013 – Lany accepted my friend request — on my birthday!

I wasn’t sure how to handle myself, but my best friend reminded me to not shrink back. As I tried to remain spiritual, he told me I would look like a gift from heaven to Lany. So we took about five or six phone calls and read through Psalm 119.

Lany was quiet and reserved, and wasn’t sure how she would speak or what she would say. Plus, she was a bit self-conscious about her English. Because we devoted ourselves to purity in everything, God provided a calm and a peace between us through the Holy Spirit. He helped us get to know each other intimately!

I travelled to Dubai in June 2014 so we could meet. Lany filled our itinerary for every moment with meeting her friends, sightseeing and worshipping with the church family. She cooked meals for me. I was moved in my heart to witness her selfless way of life and how people loved her. I was more open with her about my life than with anyone else ever. I needed her to know where I came from and how God brought me through. If she would not be deterred, then I knew she was God’s gift. I asked her to begin dating.

Dubai, December 2014

Shortly before I left for Dubai, God provided $3,000 to me through an event an insurance company determined as an “act of God” (heheheh).

I planned to propose to Lany on day two of the trip, but God intervened. It all turned out more awesome, because I proposed to her on one knee before 200 disciples at the church Christmas party six days later. I totally guessed on her ring size, and it fit!

Lany and I are thankful to God for his grace and his awesome gift of giving us to each other. We pray for a global ministry as we will reach out to our families in our marriage.

We are excited to share our story, and we hope others are inspired to pray and choose to act in accordance with those faithful prayers.

Please pray for us as we plan to marry this year.