Peter Henkel and Deysi Hernandez Lemus

Peter Henkel and Deysi Hernandez Lemus - Married August 2019

Peter: I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Deysi was in Honduras, thousands of miles away. That was not an obstacle for Deysi and I to have our own story. God is amazing and can do much more than we ask and we think.

Going on to DT Heart and Soul I was looking for friendship and a significant other. I saw Deysi and noticed that she was baptized on the same day in the same year as I was. We became friends and started sharing about ourselves. I was really enjoying our friendship. After talking with some friends of mine about Deysi, they encouraged me to go and see her. I prayed about it and that same weekend three different moms told me I should go to Honduras to meet her. I bought a plane ticket and decided to turn it into a mission trip as well as meeting a sister.

When I went to meet Deysi at the gate, she was so beautiful. I still didn’t know if I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend. I said to myself: Am I ready? I thought real quick – I asked God specifically for a woman like Deysi. Now here she is right in front of me. I’m jumped in with both feet. Our God is in control. I couldn’t believe all this was happening. This is definitely amazing, a true blessing from God. Thank you DT Heart and Soul.

Deysi: I have been a disciple since October 5, 1997. To be a disciple, for me, has been an adventure. There have been difficult times, but they have polished my heart. I am from the church of San Pedro Sula, Honduras (450 disciples). All my friends got married and I had to make new friends – I’m in a ministry where women triple men. I’ve traveled to many churches, I have many friends, but I did not find that special friend – so a friend encouraged me to join DT Heart and Soul. I began in December 2013. I received some invitations from brothers, I made a very good friend but nothing else. God has perfect plans, he knows what one needs, not what one wants.

I remember going to the page, and I saw all my friendship contacts and then I decided to delete them all (including Peter) and start again, and I made this prayer: “God I will erase all my contacts, because I do not really have a deep friendship with any of them. This time I submit to your will, if someone messages me, it’s because you approve it.”

Peter Henkel, whose contact info I had deleted, messaged me again and then I said, “This is God’s answer.” I was struck by Peter’s humility and I noticed that we were baptized the same day and same year, and I saw this as a sign of God. I said, “Why not?” We started writing in May 2016 and we had conversations by Skype. Our friendship was growing. We had several things in common, but I wanted nothing without God’s approval and kept praying – I told God that if he was the one, that if God approves of our friendship, that Pete would come to Honduras to meet me first.

He came in October 2016 to a neighboring village four hours from mine on a mission to help the poor. Now we have been dating for a year – God has been very good. He has taken care of us and loved our relationship which continues to grow for the honor and glory of God. God’s plans are perfect, and we often have to dare and pray radical prayers. Thank God and the disciples who serve on this site.