Matthew Flores and Ritchel Rosario

Matthew Flores and Ritchel Rosario - Married November 22015

Update, March 2020: The year is starting out great: Ritchel, who is from Singapore, received her American citizenship this year. And, they are expecting a girl! Recently, God moved through Matthew and other brothers in the Tucson, AZ church, as they studied the Bible with and baptized a new brother into Christ!

Update, 2019: The Flores’s were married November 2015 and welcomed their first child, a boy, in autumn of 2018. Congratulations! Watch their wedding video here!

How their relationship began: Ritchel was baptized about 10 years ago back in the campus ministry in the Philippines. She then moved to Singapore after her university to work as a nurse and has been part of the EDGE ministry of Central Christian Church of Singapore. She found out about DTHS in the middle of 2013 from a sister in her small group, but she wasn’t interested at the time. In October 2013, DTHS offered a one-month free trial, and Ritchel took the opportunity to see what it was like and to build friendships.

Matt was baptized seven years ago while pursuing his degree in Civil Engineering at Cal State University, Fullerton. About two years ago God called him to join the mission team to Tucson, Arizona. He has been serving by leading the singles ministry in Tucson. He was able to build some friendships with great sisters from around the world, but when he saw Ritchel’s profile, he saw something special.

They began messaging back and forth, building a great friendship. They continued to pray and get lots of advice. After about a month they decided to give Skype a try and it strengthened their friendship. After nine months of prayer, Skype dates, advice, and more prayer, Matt took the leap of faith to go out and visit Ritchel in Singapore during the International Leadership Conference (ILC) to meet in person and spend time together. They began dating shortly after.

They are grateful to the help of others, the power of prayer, for God leading the way to make things possible, and the amazing technology that bridges the distance. These things have helped their relationship to be strong and growing. Matt has plans to see Ritchel in Singapore again shortly!