Matthew Butts and Rikki Gonzalez

Matthew Butts and Rikki Gonzalez - Married April 2017

Matthew: Rikki and I met on DTHS back in March of 2015. I was resigned to the fact that DTHS may not be the right avenue for me to find a relationship. But God worked, despite my defeated attitude and led me to an amazing sister from Riverside, California.

I know Rikki shared a similar skeptical attitude towards the idea and was also feeling resigned to the fact that DTHS might not be for her. Lo and behold, God showed her a brother who lived 3,000 miles away in Worcester, Massachusetts. After several months of phone dates, FaceTime chats and a couple of visits, I asked Rikki to be my girlfriend on August 24, 2015, on top of Mt. Wachusett.

Since then, God has shown the two of us that nothing is impossible with him (Luke 1:37).

We have seen God work through distance challenges and family challenges, and HE has increased our faith every step of the way.

We realized that we were becoming best friends and that our love for one another was growing stronger and stronger. In the beginning months of 2016 it was clear to us that in order for our relationship to grow, we needed to be closer geographically. After much prayer, God made it clear to Rikki that she was to move to Massachusetts and in August of 2016 she displayed an Abraham like attitude of “just going” and moved!

We were engaged in October of 2016 on a crisp fall day in Newport, Rhode Island. With the bridge of Newport in the background, I dropped to one knee and asked the most amazing woman I have ever met to be my wife. She said yes and we are getting married on April 14, 2017 in California.

I would encourage anyone who is skeptical and/or doubting if this website actually works, that it does!! Take a step of faith and watch what God can do! Nothing is a guarantee, but if you don’t take a step and try, you’ll never know!