Mamoru Moriyama and Caroline Manghki

Mamoru Moriyama and Caroline Manghki - Married November 2014

“The Holy Spirit Arranged this Relationship.” – Written by Nadine Templer, Dubai

Mamoru is Japanese but he was converted in the Seattle campus ministry. Caroline is Northeast Indian and was baptised in New Delhi.

Mamoru travels a lot to South Asia for his work. When he visited Nepal last year, someone suggested he meet this young doctor from the neighbouring country of India. At the time, distance and vastly different cultures created too many hurdles, so nothing happened.

If the Holy Spirit has decided something will take place though, it will. Toward the end of last year, leaders in both Mamoru and Caroline’s life suggested registering on DT Heart and Soul. As intimidating as that step would seem, they both did register.

Lo and behold, the DTHS site matched them as potentially compatible! Mamoru remembered the young doctor from Delhi. He contacted the leaders in Delhi to see if Caroline would be interested to build friendship with him. So the next time Mamoru visited India in February 2014, he met Caroline, and the rest is history. They “clicked” right away and started building a great relationship.

They are both in their early thirties and have shown a lot of maturity. Things progressed quickly in spite of distance and cultural differences. Indian disciples do not practice western dating. Most marriages are arranged, including in the church, so Mamoru had to “adjust,” as we say in India!

Mamoru and Caroline showed great flexibility as well as great sensitivity to each other’s background. After several months of building a great relationship, they got engaged on May 31, 2014 and were married on November 14, 2014!