John Abet and Sherry Kowalchuk

John Abet & Sherry Kowalchuk - Married February 2013

Its been said that great moments come from great opportunities. We desire to extend a special thank you to DT Heart and Soul for creating a great opportunity for two dreamers. Two dreamers who many years ago had a dream to become one with a very special soul in God’s Kingdom.

John and I are very grateful and excited that our dream of marriage came true February 16, 2013. Our journey to achieve this dream has been daunting yet exhilarating.

It has required courage to surpass the fear of the unknown. The kind where you give up everything you have known for over 40 years of your life to move a thousand miles away to be with the one you love.

It has required perseverance to surpass the times you felt like giving up. The kind where you still believe in possibilities even when a house just doesn’t want to sell. It has required love to surpass the times you realize your special soul has weaknesses too. The kind where you seek understanding in each other’s short coming instead of judgment.

It has also required many prayers and many spiritual advisors to surpass the pride of leaning on our own understanding. The kind where you surrender to God’s love and forgiveness to help a once broken soul learn to trust again.

In the mist of the ups and downs of this journey we realized a great opportunity become a great moment. It’s when you realize you not only found a special soul but you helped grow a best friend.

Love, John & Sherry Abet Proverbs 3:5-6