Jay Buenaventura and Hazel Matium

Jay Buenaventura and Hazel Matium - Married May 2014

Congratulations to Jay & Hazel, the 10th wedding at DT Heart & Soul! Read on for the story of their engagement.

Jay: On my way to the World Discipleship Summit in 2012, I met Chris, our brother and DT Heart and Soul website developer, who along with his staff encouraged me to join the site. At that time, I said, “No, I am not good with using computers!” However, I changed my heart and I wanted to encourage all my brothers and sisters around the world, and build as many friendships as possible! I had no idea that God was going to bless my life to be dating on DT Heart and Soul.

In March 2013, God blessed my life with a beautiful and God-fearing sister in Christ, Hazel, whom I was able to date in God’s kingdom! As our friendship started to grow because of the messages, chat box and different stages of getting acquainted, becoming friends, dating and so on, along with the emails, telephone calls and talking on Skype, I desired to meet Hazel a second time in person, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I also sought a lot of advice from the disciples of Jesus Christ in the Toronto Church of Christ, and their response was to build a great friendship, get engaged, and to have fun spending quality time with my lovely sister.

With Almighty God on my side, and with the help of Hazel, I was able to go on a missionary journey for the Lord in Dubai in September and October 2013, and share God’s word with the church in Dubai and Muscat, Oman, to the glory of God! Most of all, I was able to spend quality time building a blossoming friendship with Hazel. We prayed to God together and wrote scriptures in the sand on Mamzar beach.

On the last and greatest day of my trip to Dubai, I decided to propose to Hazel, after much prayer with the saints and advice from the disciples of Jesus Christ in Dubai. And God’s miracle happened! God provided the ring and the flowers through my brothers and sisters in Christ. At the end of the church service, I thanked the Dubai church for their kindness, hospitality and encouragement and we sang together, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases…” I stood up in front of everyone, and I thanked Hazel for her great love and compassion and I told her that her beauty shines, even more beautiful and glorious, by her good deeds and love for God! And I asked her to marry me. Hazel said, “Yes, I will marry you!” I gave her the sparkling ring and the bouquet of flowers. Everyone was so happy and excited for us!

We hugged each other, prayed together, took more photographs and had a miraculous day in the Lord! Matthew 19:26, Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Hazel confirmed that God has answered her prayers, specifically, to be dating and to be engaged in 2013. Thank you, Lord God, for everything you have done. Amen. Also, thank you to the DT Heart and Soul team for giving us the opportunity to fellowship with disciples of Jesus Christ around the world and to encourage and dream for God’s kingdom, together. We are together and triumphant, forever! By God’s will, our wedding is planned for May 3, 2014. Please pray for us.

Update: Jay and Hazel are thrilled to be new parents to Paul Joshua, born in September 2016. Jay writes, “My wife, Hazel and I are very thankful to God for our newborn. Please encourage the family of believers with the wonders that God has done and will do, through ordinary people just like us.”

Update: Jay and Hazel welcomed their second child, Timothy Luke, in May 2018. Congratulations!