Jason Pierson and Laura Moss

Jason Pierson and Laura Moss - Married May 2017

I (Laura) first joined DT Heart and Soul in 2010 and was off and on the site for the next 3 1/2 years. Jason, after being prompted by a brother in California and seeing the promotional code for the 2014 Singles Conference, joined in September of 2014. We were matched September 14, 2014 and began communicating immediately.

We messaged back and forth on the website for a few weeks before moving to email and eventually phone calls. In November of that same year he asked me to come out to California for NYE so we could meet in person. It was a nerve-wracking trip, but so incredibly worth it. During that weekend we both decided that we wanted to pursue the relationship further. We continued to Skype and talk on the phone weekly until April when Jason came to San Antonio for a visit. He surprised me by arriving early and sending me on a scavenger hunt that led me to him. Jason gave me a golden snitch necklace (Harry Potter reference) and asked me to be his girlfriend. Over that summer and fall we made trips back and forth. We broke up in early November of 2015

In July of 2016 Jason took a leap of faith and moved from California to San Antonio, Texas to fight for our relationship. It took me some time to come around, but thank the Lord I did. We started dating again on October 28, 2016 and have fallen in love all over again. We were blessed to be able to spend the holidays together with friends and my family. After that we both individually knew that we were ready to marry each other.


January came and went and I was starting to get impatient and wondering when Jason was going to propose. Little did I know that he was planning. Valentine’s Day came around and we had a double date planned with another couple, James and Nicole. Jason picked me up and we drove out to the restaurant. Instead of going directly into the restaurant we parked and walked over to a little pavilion so we could open our gifts. He opened the scrapbook I made for him and then began handing me my gifts.

As I started to open a poem from him, he suddenly stopped me. Jason took my hand and led me off to the side of the pavilion. As we were walking he said, “This is the moment where I ask you…” and then he paused (the worst few seconds ever). He began again, “This is the moment where I ask you to marry me.” He knelt on one knee and asked “Laura Danielle Moss, will you marry me?” I of course said “Yes” as quickly as I could. James and Nicole then came out from behind some trees (they were secretly taking pictures). We are getting married May 28, 2017.