James Ruiz and Megan Newby

James and Megan - Married February 2023

Megan, a 33-year-old analytical scientist from Bend, Oregon, USA and James, a 25-year-old CNA from Boise, Idaho, USA, both signed up for DTHS in March 2022. They met online a few weeks later and by the grace of God were married 18 February 2023! They share their story here.

They began their friendship messaging each other through the DTHS app for a few weeks, then exchanged phone numbers and began texting. They soon realized they had a mutual friend from Megan’s church who was best friends with James! This helped break the ice because he was a great reference for James. After some wonderful dates and speed bumps, they got engaged on October 26th in Redmond, Oregon. After much prayer, they felt the Spirit was calling them to live in Bend so on February 18th, 2023 they tied the knot and made Bend their first home as a married couple, with their two dogs and a cat.

They are so thankful for DTHS for creating the opportunity for us to connect with the person God had for us. DTHS is a great option for finding that special someone God has for you!

In their own words…

MEGAN: I was initially unsure about DTHS since I didn’t think a strong foundation could be built in a long distance relationship; however, I knew that if the relationship was built on the Lord that there could be no stronger foundation. So I trusted that if I gave my fear over to God, he would not lead me astray. James was one of the first people I connected with. He reached out to me first and I was initially hesitant since he was eight years younger than me. I quickly discovered over the next few weeks that he was mature beyond his years and most importantly spiritually mature. One thing that stood out to me was how focused he was on centering our relationship around God. I felt safe letting him lead the relationship because he was putting it in God’s hands. The entirety of our dating relationship was long distance and to me it felt like it made us stronger as a couple.

Every moment we had was that much more precious. All the preconceptions I had about using DTHS before this ended up going out the window. The best advice I can give someone considering DTHS is to pray, pray, pray, give your fear over to God, be open and be brave. The connections you make using the app, whether friendships or more, can be meaningful and deep and only require a little faith.

JAMES: I joined DTHS to seek out God’s provision. For quite a while I was resistant to the idea of trying to meet a sister through online means. It took many months of God humbling me and opening my eyes that I probably was someone who should seek out marriage because of my struggles. God was patient with me and when I was reminded of DTHS, I put my whole heart in, believing that if God wanted me to be married, he would provide the right person. I’m so glad God helped me muster up the strength to reach out to Megan. Setting aside the age gap, I could tell by her profile that she was someone that was really focused on trusting Christ with her whole heart and that she had a really good sense of humor (the two biggest qualities I was seeking). Through our relationship I was really won over by Megan’s big heart, her vigor for Jesus, and how well we click together. We still have our rough edges, however we both come back to the deep love that the Lord has given us for one another and we work through any challenges together.

After some time getting to know Megan, praying and fasting I realized, “How could I not accept this obvious blessing that’s in front of me.” So I made the big choice to pop the question! To anyone who is hesitant of jumping into DTHS – the only thing you have to lose is your singleness! Trust in God with the results, but ultimately make sure you’re content with your relationship with God before you start building a romantic relationship. If you’re content with God, then it really isn’t about the results anyways. To the men: seek after that special someone with God’s will above all else. After that, don’t be afraid to reach out to the sisters! You never know who God could have for you unless you put yourself out there and start making connections! Don’t avoid being vulnerable and to have things not work out the very first time. Perseverance is all a part of the process! Make sure to treat our sisters with all righteousness. Remember, she’s your sister first before your wife!

DTHS Editors: James and Megan, thank you for sharing your story with all of your brothers and sisters!