Ian Stephenson and Jopay Isais

Ian and Jopay - Married April 2016

Josephine (Jopay): In October 2013 I received an email from DT Heart and Soul with a survey to answer. If I filled up that survey I would receive 2 months free registration. I did it and got the 2 months free registration.

My focus on signing up again was just to enjoy having new friendships and I did. I gained a lot of friends but there’s one who stood out: Ian. He is spiritual, kind, good-hearted, thoughtful, caring, loving, a gentleman, generous to the poor and he made me laugh.

He messaged me on November 7, 2013 and we continued our friendship after DTHS via email, Facebook, and Skype. I enjoyed our Skype prayer times and our Bible reading. Through that I saw how deep his love was for God, for his family, friends, and for the church.

Ian visited me here in Manila in October of 2014 for 13 days. We had dates, quiet times, and prayers time together as our friendship grew stronger. On October 14, we began steady dating.

On December 30, 2014 I went to Melbourne for three months and on March 7, 2015, Ian asked me to marry him and I said yes. He surprised me with an engagement party with our close friends in the Melbourne Church of Christ.

I am so grateful how God moved in our relationship. Truly he answered all my prayers, and one of those prayers is to have someone like the man described in Psalm 15. Ian is like that man. I thank God for him. Thank you also DTHS, God bless.

Ian: I joined DT Heart and Soul in late 2013 just to meet some great spiritual sisters and see if I could make any new friends and possibly meet someone special. I met a lot of great sisters from various churches but one friendship stood out from the others and that was with Jopay.

Jopay and I became friends on Facebook and we stayed in touch every couple of weeks. After a while, our conversations became more frequent. I decided that I wouldn’t make any decision about Jopay until I met her first. I knew I liked her but I thought I should meet her first before letting my heart go to far.

In 2014 I went to Manila with a fellow disciple for 13 days and attended a singles conference there in the Philippines. I was blown away by Jopay and by the church there, and Jopay and I decided we’d try steady dating.

I thought that Jopay and I needed some dating time together in the same city so Jopay came over to Melbourne, Australia for three months and during her time there we became engaged. I can’t believe what a wonderful sister Jopay is and how well we are suited to each other.

I’m in love with Jopay and want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to thank DT Heart & Soul for making this all possible. Jopay and I are both middle-aged and have often wondered if there was anyone for us but DT Heart & Soul paved the way for us to find each other after all these years…thank you.