Egidijus Antanaitis and Maria Yegorova

Egidijus Antanaitis and Maria Yegorova - Married May 2016

Egidijus (Stockholdm Sweden): Last year at the beginning of February I registered on DT Heart and Soul. I wanted to find a close friend. I was praying to God for him to lead me in this. I was responding to e-mails from different sisters, and was trying to encourage them, but I was especially impressed with Maria’s e-mails. Her messages seemed to be more sincere and I realized that she was accepting me for who I am.

Finally in September I decided to ask her to chat on Skype. At our first video chat I liked our communication. We found we had a lot in common, and I decided to continue video chatting every Sunday. Each time God showed me more and more.

After four months of chatting with Maria I came to Kazan for the first time. I met with a friendly family-sized church over there and I liked it a lot. Maria and her mother Margaret were taking care of me which I appreciate a lot. Everything was great. With a lot of prayers and brothers’ advice I made a decision to go to Kazan for the second time to ask Maria to be my girlfriend. The trip was great again. God blessed us and on the 3rd of May 2016 she said yes!

Dear brothers, I want to encourage you to do the same. Be the proper men of Jesus Christ. Give more time for supporting sisters, especially from small churches. We know that we all need support. God will bless you with great relationships.

Acts 20:35


Maria (Kazan): Dear friends, first I want to say that we have 7 people in our church and 6 of them are sisters. Our 1 brother needed to take turns encouraging the 6 sisters. Then it seemed like God was carefully passing the care of the church from one brother’s hands to another. God brought different brothers to our church and each of them invested their time, faith and heart. We appreciated it a lot. I was dating with one of these brothers for a long time but finally decided to break up. It was sad. There were no brothers in Kazan or close churches to date with or even to communicate with.

I went to Moscow to some singles conferences but it didn’t turn into any serious relationships. Around the same time the Russian version of DT Heart and Soul was started. I signed up on this site. I found some brothers and started friendships after a couple of months of being on the site, but Egidijus (a brother from Sweden) responded more often than others. His answers were respectful and attentive. But he didn’t initiate writing, so after a while I felt tired of being more initiative than brothers. I made a decision to write Egidijus for the last time with almost no hope of being friends with brothers again. I was surprised when he asked to video chat in Skype after this “last” e-mail.

After our video chat I was asking God to show me if it was the brother from him and if it was, that he will offer to meet again on a certain date and time. I got the answer from God. I received the e-mail with the date and the time 🙂 Our video chats became regular. We were sharing news from our churches, spiritual and literal situations that we were going through. We prayed together, made jokes and shared some stories from our childhood. I was really touched when he offered to support me in my prayers and fast for my father’s health.

Egidijus came to Kazan for the Christmas holidays. We all were very encouraged by that. We were getting ready for his visit. We prepared a lot of fun things to do. Each disciple was trying to invest into his visit. During that time I felt especially loved and close to my spiritual family. Egidijus came in May for the second time and asked me to be his girlfriend. I am so thankful for all my friends who prayed for me, supported me and gave me advice, and the miracle has happened!

Best regards, Egidijus and Maria

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