Davis Zhu and Jessica Smith

Davis and Jessica - Married February 2023

Davis and Jessica met on DT Heart & Soul and were married February 2023. Davis is from the Milestone Church of Christ (Toronto) and Jessica is from the Columbia Church of Christ (South Carolina). They share their story here.

We are so thrilled to be sharing our experience and relationship roadmap with you all. None of this would be possible without God working through the DT Heart & Soul app and the people in our lives! Our story’s got quite a few twists, turns and hiccups, but in the end, we are just thankful for all the support that we’ve gotten along the way.

Before meeting each other, both Jessica and Davis dated a few other people in the church. Davis got his heart broken a few times and so did Jessica, but in the end, they followed God’s call and ended up meeting each other on the DT Heart & Soul app in July of 2019! They saw an advertisement in “Disciple Memes” (a group from Facebook) to join and thought “Why not??” For the first few weeks on the app, they were talking to a few different people. They were all amazing, but it wasn’t until they started talking to each other that things really started to click. About 2 weeks into their conversations on DT Heart & Soul, they exchanged phone numbers and social media accounts to talk there and very soon after that in early August 2019, they started Facetiming regularly, about once every 2 weeks.

Their first Facetime date was a cooking date where they sent family recipes to each other. This showed off Davis’s cooking skills, which for sure impressed Jessica (even though she wouldn’t admit it). In October 2019, with all signs pointing to it, Davis booked his flight to Columbia, South Carolina to visit Jessica!

When Davis flew down in February of 2020, Jessica picked him up from the airport–not the most conventional way of meeting your spouse-to-be, but that didn’t phase them one bit. It felt like they had been friends forever and the conversations flowed smoothly and naturally from phone screens to real life, which was a very big green flag! The first few days of Davis’s visit consisted of hikes, road trips, dinners and meeting Jessica’s friends and family. In Davis’s mind, all signs were a “go”.

When the day of Super Bowl LIV arrived (Patrick Mahomes’ first, go Chiefs!), Jessica was looking forward to a chill day of walking along the beach with Davis, meeting up with her parents Matt and Sue, and then going to watch the Super Bowl. After walking along the beach and sitting on the ledge of a bridge to take in the sunset, Davis thought it would be the perfect moment to officially ask Jessica out! However, Jessica was a little hesitant because they hadn’t really talked about their relationship up to that point. This took Davis by surprise, and dejected him greatly, but he knew that it was not the time to be sad, but rather to just listen and be a great friend and brother in Christ to Jessica.

However, it turned out Jessica realized she actually did have feelings for Davis; after talking for a bit longer, she decided to say yes and officially date Davis! It was a sigh of relief for both parties and by the time they got to the Super Bowl party, they were a dating couple! (However, it wasn’t ’til Davis got back to Toronto a week later that people found out officially!)

The day they started dating was February 4, 2020–mere days before the start of the pandemic. Dating during the pandemic was…difficult to say the least. Between canceled plans and flights, to being apart for almost 6 months, it was a time unlike any other: A time where they needed to lean on God, their trust for each other and their family/friends the most.

The border situation was quite difficult as well. Canada’s border was closed to anybody except returning Canadian citizens, but the US border was not. That meant that Davis was allowed to visit Jessica, but not vice versa. This eased up as the pandemic went on, so Jessica was able to see Davis and his friends/family eventually in July 2021.

As time went on and they got to know each other more deeply, they realized that even though they were physically apart, they needed each other in their lives. The scriptures they leaned on during that time were Proverbs 3:5, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Jeremiah 17:7 and James 1:3.

On June 25, 2022, Davis proposed to Jessica in a dimly lit Italian restaurant in Toronto, and soon after celebrated with friends and family!

We are so happy that DT Heart & Soul helped us get to where we are today! We look forward to many more stories like ours soon.

DTHS Editors : Davis and Jessica, thank you for sharing your story with all of your brothers and sisters!