Daniel Ballance and Chelsea Zhang

Daniel Ballance and Chelsea Zhang - Married January 2018

Update On Sunday August 25th, 2019 Jaden Riley Ballance was born. He was 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long. They were praying for a baby boy and God answered their prayer. The name “Jaden” means “God has heard” in Hebrew and “Riley” means “brave” in Irish.

Chelsea had signed up for DTHS reluctantly in 2014 and was eventually humbled out during her second year on the site. She started enjoying the process of getting to know different brothers and building great friendships. She also had two specific prayers: 1) for brothers to initiate Skype and 2) for the right brother to visit her in Southeast China, where she had joined a mission team.

Daniel had tried dating websites before he became a disciple and only heartache resulted from those experiences. He kept a prayer journal for years asking God for the right woman to show up in his life. He also had his church in Wilmington, NC praying for his heart’s desire.

Daniel and Chelsea messaged for 3 months and Skyped for 9 months before they met in person. Daniel got the courage and faith to fly over 8,000 miles to ask Chelsea to be his girlfriend at the end of his trip to China. They dated long-distance and were engaged 9 months later.

They were happily married in January 2018, and they are grateful to God for how He can use something like an online tool to answer prayers and exceed their expectations. This journey has been a huge faith builder for both of them. May God be the glory!