Clive Rose and Hazel-Ann Nash

Clive Rose and Hazel-Ann Nash - Married October 2016

Clive: I was single again at 50 and started to attend single events. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the church had a dating website. I was encouraged to join the site in 2013. I didn’t think much of online dating but thought I’d go on, make new friends and see what happens.

I tried two three-month subscriptions about six months apart, met some great sisters, but nothing materialized and I thought that online dating just wasn’t for me. In December 2014, I got an email offering three months for the price of one so I decided to give it one more try.

In March 2015, a few days before my subscription was to expire, Hazel’s profile popped up. After reading her profile I saw we had many things in common, liked the same TV shows, wanted to visit the same places, similar family situation, etc., so I decided to reach out. We exchanged email addresses and started communicating. A few weeks later I asked if I could call her and we hit it off immediately. Our conversations flowed and there was never an awkward moment…she was so easy to talk to, had a big heart for God and his kingdom and a great sense of humor.

In June, I flew from London to New York to meet her and we had a fabulous time. Our friendship grew and by December I fell in love with her. But, a love affair separated by three and half thousand miles of water brings its set of challenges, so we decided to pray and ask God to guide us. It was soon made clear and in March I returned to NY and asked her to be my girlfriend. In June she came to London and I asked her to be my wife and she gladly said yes. We got married in NY in October 2016.

Thank you DT Heart & Soul. You’ve helped me find a beautiful, amazing woman of God to spend the rest of my life with.

Hazel-Ann: I was single again and was encouraged to start attending singles events and maybe dating by my discipling partner, so I decided to take the challenge. This was Clive’s third time joining the website. Three days before his subscription expired he saw my profile. He reached out and we immediately started to build our friendship. We realized we could talk forever and still keep each other laughing. Clive made a trip to meet me 3 months after we met online. We immediately felt a connection. We were building an amazing friendship and we had so much in common.

Sadly we soon realized that our relationship couldn’t go any further unless God intervened due to the fact that we lived thousands of miles apart. Clive lived in the UK and I lived in the US. We decided to let go and let God do what he does best while continuing to meet other people. Soon it was evident that God kept bringing us back to each other. We first met in March of 2015 and by December we realized that this must be God. Things were getting serious. We knew each other too well by January 2016. Clive came to the US to officially ask me to be his girlfriend in March 2016. I then visited the UK in June where Clive asked me to be his wife and I gladly said yes. We were married in New York in October 2016. You see, we both had been divorced and didn’t think we would be here today.

We strongly feel that God has truly blessed us for a reason. Without DT Heart & Soul, we would have never met. We look forward to continuing to trust God and to be led by him to do his work for the rest of our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Rose.