Benjamin Bosch and Deshire Alpizar Rodriguez

Benjamin Bosch and Deshire Alpizar Rodriguez - Married January 2018

My name is Benjamin Bosch. I have been a disciple for 22 years. Though I have dated twice before, I have never met a suitable wife for me.

At the start of 2016 I spoke to a brother telling him that though I really want to marry a godly woman, I guess I needed to surrender to the fact that it may not be in God’s will for me to get married. This is as I was 40 years of age, and had been a disciple for 21 years and was still single. The brother told me that I should not make that conclusion unless I had exhausted all avenues in an attempt to find a godly wife. I knew the brother was right. I went on to join DT Heart & Soul for a second time. My intention was to put myself out there and allow God to work! On 1 September 2016 I met Deshire Alpizar Rodriguez. She is a beautiful, spiritual Mexican sister studying in Geneva, Switzerland and I am from Cape Town, South Africa. Despite the cultural differences and the distance, God blessed our relationship from the start. We both fell in love and we soon become best friends. In December 2016 I went to visit her in Geneva. It was there where we met for the first time face to face. We hit it off very well and after our first meeting we both were convinced that God was behind us all the way. On 25th December 2016 I asked her to be my girlfriend on the Eiffel Tower in Paris and she said yes! In April 2017 she came to meet my family here in South Africa. In July 2017 I went to meet her family in Mexico. On 7th July 2017, next to the Mexican sea, I played her a song, read her a poem and asked her (in Spanish) to be my wife. She said yes! Ever since we have been busy planning our wedding, scheduled to take place on 4 January 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. What I have learned is that even if you feel hopeless and faithless in your search for a godly mate, you should never stop putting yourself out there to give God a chance to work. The following scripture always motivated me, especially when I felt hopeless: “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead,” James 2:17. Deshire and I are extremely grateful for DT Heart & Soul which really served as a wonderful platform to “make the impossible possible” (Luke 18 :27). A second thing I have learned is that it is worth the wait. When I see what a beautiful, godly best friend God has given me, I really am moved to tears of gratitude.