Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Going on DT Heart & Soul?


If you want to try the new app...

  1. Visit the webapp platform, the Apple App Store, or Google Play, and sign up. Your first month is free!
  2. NOTE: Do not check the "I'm a leader for verifying members" box unless you are ONLY signing up as a leader (in which case you can approve members you are leading, and chat with those members, but not peer-to-peer with other members, nor other leaders). You cannot accomplish both roles with the same account.

Regardless of whether you subscribe with a mobile app or with the webapp, your app account is the same account across all three platforms.

NOTE: The original DT Heart & Soul website is a different account. Keep reading...

Because the old and new systems are separate: When you first get onto the new platform, whether via the webapp, or by downloading the iOS or Android mobile app, you should choose "Sign Up" (and NOT "Login"), even if you have a current account on the old system.

Again, anyone using the new system for the first time should choose "Sign Up", not "Login".

I'm already a member on the old website. Will my subscription and verification info come over?

Yes, your subscription and verification will transfer to the new app, IF ...

  • Your subscription is current on the old site.
  • You use the same email when signing up on the new app platform. (Otherwise, the service has no way to look up your subscription on the old site).
  • With respect to verification, it's been less than one year since you were last verified. Then your verification will also transfer along with your subscription.

If the above conditions are met, subscription info should sync either direction. There is no other integration between old and new.

How do I renew on the new app platform?

When it's time to renew: If you are on a native app, you will be prompted to click "Send Instructions" for renewal. This will send you an email with a link that just takes you to the webapp. You can click the link in the email, or just visit and renew.

Again, You cannot renew directly from the native iPhone or Android app; you must visit to renew.

If you want to stay with the old website...

Just visit and register or renew there. There is no app component to the legacy website.



Key Features Of The New App

  • Live chat with each other (and your ministry leader).
  • Be notified of communications from other members.
  • The app is also for leaders! Chat with members in your ministry, and act on verification requests.

For Singles

What is different about the new service?

  • No more "Connection Phases"--no "Just Friends", "Get Acquainted", etc. The closest thing to connections are chat conversations: simpler, but just as effective for keeping in touch.
  • All subscriptions are month-to-month. Autorenewing subscriptions are discounted.

What is the same?

  • Each member is still verified (and periodically re-verified) by a recognized local leader in their congregation.
  • Membership is still discounted for disciples in developing nations.
  • You can still set an age range for those who are able to see your profile.

Will my profile come over?

No. Because of the differences in design of the new service, profile information in the old site does not map well to the new site.

What will happen to the old website (and my profile)?

The old website will stay around for awhile. Once the new service is well-established, we will eventually disable signups on the old website. We are not sure how long that will be (it's already been much longer than we expected!) but will give plenty of advance notice before shutting it down.

Does my activity on the new service sync back to the old site?

No. The only connection between old and new is the 2-way sync of basic subscription info for current members--subscription, leadership, and verification info.

For Leaders

Leaders, please feel free download the mobile app on your device. With the app, you can instantly respond to verification requests, and communicate with singles in your ministry.

  • Leaders may sign up by choosing "I am a church leader".
  • The leadership functions are free. No subscription, paid or otherwise, is necessary to verify members via the app platform.